Honor Among Thieves is a gusto-filled American rock band. Through the turbulent waters of rock n roll, hard rock, grunge, garage, and punk, they keep it real and tight. Like old school rock, they don’t spare any energy, grit, power, or glamor. Since their formation in 2003, there’s been a strong focus on generating an intensity, one that plugs into people, drives them, and elevates them. Edgy instrumentals, evocative vocals, and a translating camaraderie marks their music. And you’ll see it in their latest album, ‘Murder on the Radio Pt. 1). Across five tracks, the band situates rock n roll in diverse planes and unearths a resilience that is simply marvelous to witness. 

Each track is a journey into the unknown with a spirit of adventure and playfulness. Add to this their effortless camaraderie and the will to play and it all becomes an addictive atmosphere. ‘Down’ is an explosive punk-driven rock n roll that plasters the listener to the walls. Elements of nu metal and prog rock make you intensely nostalgic for the 90s. ‘Bareknuckle Billionaires’ is desperate and urgent. Despite this rush, the riff breaks and the punk stays and flows charismatically. 

‘Battle Lines’ is a collision of roaming riffs and explorative vocals. ‘Firesign’ brings a little more edge. Experimental melody lines, diving basses, and mysterious beats. The EP ends with ‘Minutes to Miles’. It carries the complexity of prog, the groove of rock n roll, and the intensity of grunge. Loaded with electric textures and anchored vocals, it is enriched with rock. Listen Now! 

The EP is available for streaming on popular sites like Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube Music, and Amazon Music! 

You can listen to ‘Murder on the Radio Pt. 1’ by Honor Among Thieves here –