Hover Bird is a Russian-based alt rock band gifted with a rare versatility as witnessed, especially in their debut EP, The Place I Want to be. The five track collection is eclectic, with styles ranging from alt rock and funk rock, to blues and psychedelic rock. Witnessing their version of universal concepts is an exercise in gaining insight. Taken from this sonic cluster is the track, Sweet, in which Hover Bird hypnotizes their listeners with an elaborate slow burn. Its long winded soliloquies and drawling vocals present modern interpretations of old school and retro blues. Listen Now! 

The track opens with a dramatic guitar detail, the tail of which is dilated with mystical vocal blues. It is a pleasant blend of sultry and sensuality with psychedelic funk accents. As it develops, it blossoms into post modern and experimental flavors of electro-rock that spills well into the climactic arc. 

Hover Bird is composed of Vlada on keys and vocals, songwriting, producing, graphic design, and mixing, Evgenia on keys and vocals, songwriter, producer and sound engineer, Man in the mask on electric guitar and composing,

Daniil on bass guitar, and Egor on drums. 

The track is available for streaming on popular sites like Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube Music, and Amazon Music! 

You can listen to Sweet from ‘The Place I want to be’ EP by Hover Bird here –