Led by vocalist, guitarist, boxer, and painter, Alex Lowe, Hurricane #1 has just released its new album, autopilot man. The three-song album brings back the nostalgia of 90s rock with accents of Americana and home-grown indie melodies that is reminiscent of The Beatles. Concluding the country-rock album, we have The Reason in which we see soothing textures and alluring vocals that forms the moving point of the musical beauty that is Hurricane #1.

The track is a soothing blue haze. Its evocative country vocals combine beautifully with the dual guitar expression. With molten melodies etching a melancholic fingerprint, the acoustic guitar is liquid with emotion. As they draw wonderful patterns, the soulful vocals arc scenically across the soundscape. And its easy and engaging rhythm is tuned to flow effortlessly with feel-good beats.

The original Hurricane #1 was dedicated to flesh out the 70s inspired rock and build on it. Comprising of guitarist Andy Bell, Alex Lowe, bassist Will Pepper, and drummer Gareth Farmer, the band did wonders with their self-titled debut release. One of the tracks from the album was even featured in a commercial for Volkswagen. Don’t forget to check out the classic trail of dreamy/soul -rock of this sensational band.

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