I Forget Myself is a solo rock outfit that is powered by a strong sense of individualism and marked awareness of the human consciousness. With large exposure to creative  experimentation and discovery, the artist’s work rewards the listener with unique sonic atmospheres. I Forget Myself has just launched his fifth full length studio album called Repine Forest. Housing eleven tracks, each one tackles with the existential queries of the mind. Songs like What Am I, Ghost Writer, and Asperity Please markedly reinforce the discontent in the album’s title. In the track, Proliferate (reviewed in this article), I Forget Myself explores his desire to be more than himself. 

He uses the capacity of the rock genre to convey the tortured emotions of a tortured mind. Washing dark rock with acid and space rock, the artist creates a haunting soundscape. And tempers it with his despondent vocal slants. Alongside the stream of consciousness vocal tangents run the texturising team of beats and bass lines. Progressively turning up the intensity, the track becomes powered by rolling beats, high power shreds and a resonant bassline. It conceptualizes the aspiration to thrive and prosper in the lyrics, “I only ever wanted to be more than myself.” 

The track is available for streaming on popular sites like Spotify, YouTube Music, Apple Music, and Amazon Music! 

You can listen to Proliferate by I Forget Myself here –