Dutch singer and multi-instrumentalist, Marcel van Tetering started I Panic back in 1987 with two lifelong friends to compose and perform new songs. With time, I Panic came to be the musical banner of Marcel as a solo artist with the dream to make the perfect song. In his new song, Lost Song, I Panic delves into the blue folds of euphony to serve up a fresh vintage sound that is reminiscent of the emotive greatness of The Beatles.

After years of creating music as home demos alongside playing piano and guitar, and even singing in various bands, the artist decided to reconcile all his musical expressions into a one-man band. This birthed the alternative theatrical rock style that is unique to the artist alone. The artist claims Tom Waits, Cole Porter, Randy Newman, David Bowie, Joe Jackson, Elvis Costello, R.E.M., and Jacques Brel as his influences.

The melodies of the track burst with a cold-morning freshness which is balanced by the gooey warmth of the baritone vocals. Together, their push and pull create a histrionic exposé with orchestral acoustics and a rock grandeur. Its velvet bleeds flow with profound meaning as they trace the outlines of melancholia. The lost song finds mesmerizing meaning in the abstract, and magic in the ordinary.

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