The Kent-based indie-rock trio, Faded Shades are back with their spirited melodies in their new release, My Place (Or Your Place). The track is a melancholic commentary on new age romance, with its dazed indie accents spruced up by modern rock n roll arrangements. Using gloomy textures and monotonal melodies against a backdrop of active riff progressions, the band’s sound is a mosaic of emo-pop, indie blues, and 80s style melodic rock. 

The song opens with filtered riffs, gunning into a seamless beat screen. This forming backdrop is emotionally centered by the soaring baritones, dripping with desperate romance and retro freshness. Detailed with harmonies and synths, the band’s overall sound is reminiscent of the charming delinquency of The Rolling Stones, combined with the fresh alt-rock sensibilities of The Smiths. 

Faded Shades is composed of singer-songwriter and guitarist, Joe, Liam on the bass, and Charlie on the drums. Each member brings a marked sophistication and novelty to the collective sound. The band debuted in 2018 with their album, It Gets Heavy, made within the confines of a DIY Home Studio. Since then they have released a growing litany of refreshing singles, with more coming this year. 

The track is available for streaming on popular sites like Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube Music, and Amazon Music! 

You can listen to My Place (Or Your Place) by Faded Shades here – 

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