Intercontinen7al is a project we can all get behind. Featuring artists from Europe, North America and South America, their band has members from all 7 continents and their project Volume 3 is a benefit for Ukrainian refugees. It also helps that their soulful, emphatic music is soothing and full of warmth. This is their latest protest song, War’s The Noise.

The vocals shine, the instruments follow. The truth in the lyricism is the key aspect of this album, a congregation of ideas for a singular cause. The sailing, soft rock core is what this song needs, and delivers on. Vocals have a pained, bruised touch to them-really connecting with the lyrics. As we land on the chorus, it is a highlight, with the guitars providing just the fairy dust of magic the song requires. Ascending to the guitar solo, we hear it reflect the chorus and mirrors the anguish the people have felt for so long. The soft rock theme is an exacting of the approach Tears for Fears or We Are the World project had. We come together in times of peril.

Understanding the theme is not difficult, it is plastered across news boards every day. It is the attempt to causate change that should be lauded, where Intercontinen7al excel. As an indie project, they might struggle-they however never lose sight of what has to change, for the better. Listen to their song below and show your support: