Ivan Beecroft can make a stadium tremble. This is not to promote his music, that is expressive enough. This man treats indie rock with a passion and fervour most can’t garner in one lifetime. To honour the circle we keep going around in, this is his latest single, Carousel

You might know of Ivan Beecroft from his album, Liars, Freaks & Fools. It combines his stellar songwriting style, with amplified frequencies that aren’t store bought. He keeps the tradition going with the opening tone for this single itself. Instead of letting the riff marinate, he charges it with the percussion that sounds like the hooves in the horse stable. As his lyrics come in, you can hear the 00s energy Tom Petty come around. Any time an artist composes their lyrics from works of literature, it always intrigues me.

This is art influencing art, and the result is a surreal set of visuals that culminate to a fantastic shower. That is how this rocker from Melbourne, Australia treats us. The tones have a mysterious energy that you wouldn’t often hear in “standard rock”. He lets the tale guide the song, providing us with rocket fuel for our dreams as well. Kudos, Ivan Beecroft. 

Listen to his albums, there are fables to fantasise about in each of them. Liberty or Die is one of my favourite, for the parallels drawn to reality are quite dystopian. One can’t tell the difference anymore. Make sure you follow him for more songs like this and listen to his single here: