I’ve Tried Sleeping is a five-piece BAMF band that has just released a self-titled album, opening with Flying High Anyway. Beguiling and beautiful, the song kickstarts an unforgettable sound experience that takes you places if you let it. Made up of 10 songs, the album is meant to be listened to in its entirety. So let it wash over you and take you places you’ve only dreamed of.

Roaming synth lasers form a mesmerizing backdrop for vibrant riffs. Smoky vocals lift from the canvas, swishing with devastation and apocalyptic doom. Echoing harmonies dimensionalizes the song, drawing us into shadowy depths. And, this is what makes it worth it in the chorus, as we fly with the illuminating riffs, as high as we dipped. 

Driving the activity and energy to the sky, the guitar melodies emit warm sparks that are absorbed by the vocals before it takes on the form of a stunning guitar solo. Its electric force and flow are wonderful to witness as it takes us to eclectic destinies. 

And it only keeps getting better. Like a revolution, it gets bigger and better. Because the deeper you let the song take you, the higher you will rise, burgeoning with light and immutable energy. An elegant blend of light and darkness, the song portrays both sides of the coin. 

So, immerse yourself into the swirling soundscape that refracts darkness and exposes its wisdom and potential for light. The mercurial potions of perspectives boost you into a sky of shooting stars and exploding suns.

Available on Spotify, Apple Music, and Deezer!

Listen to Flying High Anyway by I’ve Tried Sleeping here –