Jack Quit the Band are an idiosyncratic bunch of individuals. When they come together as a group, it’s bound to be a unique journey. Once Jack quit, this trio seemed to carry on just fine, and they’re probably over the betrayal. This is their fresh, soaring track-Goodbye Wilfred.

After a false start startles you, you pretty much sink into the kind of vibe they exude. If you want to get it right, try again. Record the first time you tried as well. They go straight into the attack, the verse section is at the eye of the storm. The guitar riffs, though clean and unique, are syncopated and distant from the core melody. The dissonance you hear is palpable, like that would be the purpose of the song. You could ruminate about just the layers in the verse section, but why would you? I especially dug how the drums have been recorded, the groove altering along with the guitar, almost like a challenge. Jack Quit the Band bring you top-notch musical experiences, if you’re smart enough to listen to what is going on between the groove. The centre of the verse section is sometimes garlanded like a song by The Killers, but has their signature sound to it.

As you get comfortable with that rhythm, the band changes the groove to an alt-rock euphoric dream. They’re always comfortable experimenting and creating something that teases new avenues and ways for them. They have a new single released now, Help Yourself American IPA. If you want a band that leaves the house without a plan, you’re going to be hooked to these guys. Listen to their single here: