Jaime’s Tone is a studio project that creates a sonic loop of 80’s pop rock, progressive rock and hard rock. The outfit is known for its eclectic sound and innovative evolutions. Jaime’s Tone has released their latest single titled ‘Take Chance’. Stringing sunny melodies and vibrant hooks into an empowering build, it has an incredibly feel good vibe. The protagonist professes the vastness of his love and crafts the soundscape to tell his emotional tale. Alongside light-hearted emotions like love, hope, and joy, you can pick up on hints of melancholia, heartache, and blues. Listen now!

The track is flushed with fluid mosaics of synths and riffs. Their effervescing luminosity is an instant mood upper. Even the buoyant baritones play into this lift. Peppered across this textured landscape are cool hints of dazing blues, funk, and disco. All in all, the track loops in the vibrancy of 80s pop rock with universal themes and sentiment.

Jaime’s Tone debuted in 2021 with album, ‘Futuristic Apocalypse’ and has reinforced their unique sound with 2023 album, ‘Alone in the City of Dream’.

The track is available for streaming on popular sites like Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube Music, and Amazon Music!

You can listen to ‘Take Chance’ by Jaime’s Tone here –