Few other bands can bring life into a room like Jane N’ The Jungle. Their songs can be recognized as instant rock anthems, with fresh, carefully contrived rhythms. There is still an ease to the music that draws the listener in, and helps them enjoy the song as it is. This is their latest track, Raw As A Jewel.

This particular one is an alt-rock gem, drawing you back to the 90s. The vocals are unassumingly simple, and sing the lyrics with the kind of dedication you would expect from this kind of song. There is a play with the arpeggio and the full, booming chord progression. This is a callback to vintage rock, when songs used to alter the atmosphere of the place. This is how you bring people together, with good music. The chorus has a nice harmonic section, with some small instrumental snippets. They don’t try to shine the light on themselves, more like a bridge that creates a pause for us to dive into the next section. The breakdown is something special, throwing out an energy and zeal never felt before. With the return, they remind you about the catchy chorus and some tasty drum fills.

If you’re an ardent indie playlist supporter or listener, you might have caught one of their intense tracks before. Dirty Dog and Metal Ghost have been their biggest songs to date, with quite a lot of supporters and listeners. They bring the old school era like Scorpions and Crue with their songs. Listen to Jane N’ The Jungle single here: