Bringing an evolving perspective to music, Jefferson Denim is all about illuminating the beguiling nature of the human condition through his music. The indie artist is devoted to creating thought-inducing and ruminative soundscapes that celebrate and rejoice life for all that it is, imperfections and all. And that’s precisely what he does in his latest album, Life In The Absolute Uncertain. The eight-track feel-good indie album features the talent of artists like Reed Walsh, Soul’d Out, Eliza James, and Kirsten Edkins. 

The album opens with the track, Absolute Uncertain. Right on theme, the lilting acoustic rock track is both gloomy and bright as it delves into the fabric of living. Its slow build is filtered with gossamer riffs and snaking lines of molten guitar. Caught within this potent web of gleaming melodies, are the gray swirls of the husky baritones that transform the song’s vibe with its shadows and reflections. It is impressive to see how the artist involves us in an epiphanic journey using simple and minimalistic arrangements. Listening to the song opens the listener’s eyes to the magic of unseen forces and allows for graceful engagement with these elements.  

“We live in the absolute uncertain

I am the story that I get to tell

So bring it on, let it come, it’s all a part of living

sometimes you gotta go thru hell to get a little heaven”

The track is available for streaming on popular websites like Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube Music, and Amazon Music! 

You can listen to Absolute Uncertain from the Life In The Absolute Uncertain Album by Jefferson Denim here – 

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