Jersey Calling need no long introduction. They love where they’re from and have some delicious post-punk to deliver. Known to never take it easy, their music brings a special touch to the kind of music that the mainstream dilutes us with. Raw, rejuvenating yet polished, this is their single, The Things Life Leaves Behind. This is from their album, Parasocial Security. 

The build is as great as the crash. Jersey Calling create a muted opening riff that uses some great progressions. The lyrics are surreal, image heavy and layered. Josh Kates brings vocals that are gruff, yet emotional. Bass tones trickle in, creating the rich density of waiting game. As soon as the chorus falls in, it all seems worth it. As per production, the band has ensured that wave of energy you feel at the chorus is actually felt. That half a millisecond of silence leads to a punch unlike any other, and Jersey Calling are lining up their best cards for a Royal Flush. Incredible effort, and one of the best songs from their collection. 

This song is sure to incite some nostalgia in the minds of listeners. It is that emo-rock wave many of us grew up with, and refreshing to hear with effort put in. Listen to their single here with us and follow the band from Jersey for some catchy, soul stirring music!