Kath and The Kicks come to deliver chaos and wrath. Their dynamite mixture of garage rock and alt-rock worlds collide, creating a pulsar of ever evolving, roaring sound. They have been active for 6 years, delivering a superb album and some cranium cramming singles in the process. This is their latest single, Stay Away from Me.

Wasting no time with their opening, they crash the gates with distorted guitars and drums. Kath and The Kicks know that their performance style is in your face and aggressive, creating this tornado of sound. Her vocals are a melodic juxtaposition to a punk rock style attack, obliterating any sign of silence in the way. Chugging guitars build the verse, where her vocals are highlighted. The drum fills pepper up and draw in flavours for the bridge between the chorus and verse. Lead elements play along with the vocals, the chorus is something that has a special zing to it. The tempo changes with a beautiful guitar solo section, mirroring the style the vocals are performed.

This is another banger from this band that know they can rock the stage to smithereens if given the chance. Their hooks and progressions are unique, yet work for the vocals in a balanced dynamic. Kath and the Kicks have been building quite the catalogue since they started working, having a real energy and panache to their performance and recordings. Listen to their single here: