Hailing from North Germany, rock artist and musician, Katie Drives has a sonic force that is instantly reminiscent of Avril Lavigne. Her voracious style and surmounting charisma is impossible to forego. With a penchant to explore the darkness of the human psyche, the artist harnesses the energy of punk-rock and presents it with a 90s ethos. In her new single, Anywhere But Here, Katie Drives fuses pop and punk to express her sense of aimlessness. The thumbnail with the taped butterflies and ironic use of stereotypical pink accurately depicts her constant pursuit of herself and her dreams until it’s all sunshine and rainbows. 

It is truly amazing to see how the artist brings pop flavors using the overwhelming punk style. The track is a perfect fusion with each style remarkably imprinting on each other. The soaring riffs and tremulous beats ride through the soundscape with gusto. But the vocals are where the magic happens. Outfitted with a marked pop style, its presented with a passion that is all punk. 

Katie Drives is one of the few female solo artists to appropriate punk-rock styles to express her worldviews. Dashing with fresh perspectives and female intuition, she carves for herself a special space in the alt-rock scene. She debuted in 2021 with Manic and has since released four songs. Anywhere But Here marks the first release of 2023 and leaves us wanting for more. 

The track is available on Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube Music, and Amazon Music! 

You can listen to Anywhere But Here by Katie Drives here –