Kingdom Calm has a robust presence and it shows in the music. Conquering and confident, the Sydney-based band’s sound flared out vibrantly with flavors of hard rock, grunge, glam, and mod. They detail Aussie pub rock style with their home-grown energy, taking us back to the glorious heights of rock in the 70s. With this new single, In My Mind, Kingdom Calm transforms the mood with sensational beats, catchy riff breaks, and splashy shreds. It is fresh and crisp, forming each time you listen to it.

The band brings the best of Blues, Pop, Classic Rock, and Punk to a stellar melting point. And this track perfectly exemplifies it. Opening with zig zagging riff slants and hard hitting beats, it instantly garners energy. And the roaming vocals float ruminatively in the sub-surface to blossom and burst periodically. Aligned with scores of pulsing shreds and commanding basslines, it is an listening affair worth remembering. Listeners of The Killers, Skyhooks, The Living End, and Dire Straits are sure to enjoy this rising band.

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