Do you want to check into an uninterrupted loop of happiness? Then, let yourself get Carried Away by Kingfisher, an indie-rock band from Uppsala, Sweden! Founded in 2019, the outfit subscribes to the aesthetic of magical realism to craft living compositions. Loaded with musical metaphors and themes that enliven us, the band leaves us feeling our very best with every track.

The sensational composition courses through us with a purpose and force. Drenched in undeniable freshness, the melodies come alive like a revolution and unite us with the artists behind the track, their experiences, and their emotions. A gripping bassline slithers under the glowing pulses of the lead guitar. With the beats setting a feel-good tempo, the baritone vocals carry the nostalgia of the wise alongside youthful dreams.

The resounding guitar riff pattern persists throughout the track making for a charming musical leitmotif that we keep gravitating to. It has a reminiscent funk quality to it. We see concentrated flourishes of a similar style in transitions and in the bridge. Like an oasis in the middle of the indie-rock desert, warm and molten guitar melodies, in the bridge, bring a soft tenderness and nuclear nostalgia to the track.

The track has a tropical vibe; full of life and dripping with rich emotions. It awakens us from a slumber that we didn’t know we were in. The reviving composition is breezy, smooth, and jolly, yet heavy, rough, and melancholic, all at once. A blended duality, the track allows us to escape reality by exposing us to the realm of hidden realities.

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