The sound of Kings County has become synonymous with gritty and hard-hitting rock n roll. The Florida-based band revives the glamor and obsession of 70s rock. Blending classic rock n roll with agents of pop, punk, grunge, and even garage elements, they light the whole soundscape on fire. They also strive for a balance that is so incredibly impressive. There is dynamism and cohesion. ‘Blue Monday’ is their latest track, one that exemplifies the delicate balance and reinforced brilliance of this band.

The track has so many layers and details. Texture, quality, energy, rhythm, and power. All of these properties gain dimension as we progress into the track. Punching beats introduce the track. Wiry grooves, disco spells, and the distortive riffs form a refreshing backdrop for the bluesy melancholia of the vocals. The atmospheric excitation of the soundscape compounds in the chorus, growing more and more till we get to the bridge. Electric guitar solos are as refined and slick as synths which adds a liberating touch to the parts leading up to the climax.

The track has a spell-binding build that intoxicates the listener. With their pioneering compositions, the band strives for a novelty that has not been seen since the golden era of rock and roll. Listen Now!

The track is available for streaming on popular sites like Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube Music, and Amazon Music!

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