Hailing from Penryn, Cornwall, KLEN is a 4-piece eclectic rock band who has just released their latest single, The Pipers. This dramatic and disorderly bunch creates flavors of pandemonium that stir us on a molecular level.

Warm guitar riffs accompanied by booming beats set the tempo and mood of the song. And, before we know it we become a part of the continuous rhythmic loop that lines the song. Formless vocals streak through the canvass like a poltergeist, a quick dose of chaos with eccentric revelations. We swirl within the technicolor loop, tripping on fluid funk-rock and sipping on anarchy, spiraling slowly toward the upcoming sonic bloom.

Hardcore riffs skirt with a metallic sheen at the speed of light. Their sonic sprint blurs the melody lines and reveals a world of euphonies contained within the spectrum of discordance. The mellow psychedelia metamorphoses to burgeon with a visceral intoxication, radiating a glowing warmth that you can physically feel. Steeped in 60s’ garage rock, pebbles style, with an anarcho-prog-punk edge, the song has an unending supply of energy.

The 4-piece bunch knows sound. They strip it bare and build it up, feeding them into innumerable frequency lines to create a nuclear fusion of massive amounts of energy. Incredibly well-mixed and mastered, the song is for the freaky and the free-thinking.

Available on Spotify, YouTube Music, and Gaana!

Listen to The Pipers by KLEN!