The embracing ambiance of Koala Bar descends on us yet again with the release of their latest album, Ingest ≈ Digest. The Swedish indie rock band speaks a mellifluous dialect of the soul in ways that clarify our existence and experiences. The voluptuous soundscape of Native Elephants leads the album and brings out the surreal sound of Koala Bar. 

Dwindling acoustics melodies trickle down to the rocky cliffs of fuzzy riffs. With broad and dilated vocal arrangements spread the song over the endless skies, eternal seas, and matchless mountains. Laced with intense melancholy, the mighty passion of the elephants is realized in the trailing vocal echoes. The musical fabric swishes with a soothing allure, with its dramatic tempo and voluptuous melodies.

Their inclusive way of life and community spirit drives their sound and euphonic destiny. In fact, the band was originally formed by a duo in 2015 and named Koala Bar to symbolize an ideal type where everyone can gather around and have a jolly good time. And since then, their debut album, Di Sorte was nominated in the music magazine for Gaffa’s Best New Artist category, they’ve welcomed two new members into the band, released a full-length album, Ethos Pathos Locos, and even signed with Rexius Record!

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Listen to Native Elephants by Koala Bar here –

Koala Bar - Native Elephants