Kriss Lee doesn’t let the latent energy trapped within him escape. With 2 solid singles under his belt, he comes back with a post-punk & alt-rock cocktail of zeal and vigour. Let’s dive into what makes Lost Soul so good.

Driving straight into the attack, Kriss Lee takes a unique path for the vocals. The chugging guitars are a fun and balanced rhythm, while the vocals are the caffeine overload. Lost Soul shows the vocal prowess of an artist who is building his musical portfolio, one banging hit at a time. The chorus harmonics sail over, they tonally don’t adhere to the vibe of the track. The drums go into overdrive with the guitar solo, sprinkling the spice and magic this track needs. The transitions between the chorus and verses are really well done/.

After Brain Damaged, and I’ll Be OK, Kriss Lee is taking massive strides improving his initial approach. The songs seem to be getting more polished and clear, the lyrical influences allow the track to be appreciated as a whole. Down to the wire, there are confluences that are put well enough to make any stadium crowd go wild. We are watching another indie rocker taking the world by storm, and he’s not stopping any time soon. Listen to his rocking single Lost Soul here: