Krystal Rivvers is an alt rock band with a very eclectic style. The group blend fringes of folk rock and jangle pop with blues and melodic rock to create a sound that is both mellow and evocative at the same time. Their soundscapes absorb the emotion of the theme and resonate in layers throughout the song. Which then becomes a great mold to shape their instrumental and vocal narratives. Their single, ‘Love You I Do’ captures so many moods, feelings, sentiments. It is like a motion picture that portrays the spectrum of loving someone. It’s not all dreamy and it’s not all bad. There’s a push and pull, action and reaction that forms the central rhythm of the song.

iTunes Artwork for 'Love You I do - Single (by Krystal Rivvers)'

There’s a sort of slapstick quality to it all. Performative vocals, boisterous instrumentals, and dynamic rhythms, it is all very enjoyable. The blues are interspersed, scattered scintillatingly throughout the song, in a way that excites and elevates the thematic mood and our experience of it.

This track is the sophomore single of the band, following their debut in 2022. The band is currently on tour, checkout their socials to keep up and go watch a show.

The track is available for streaming on popular sites like Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube Music, and Amazon Music!

You can listen to ‘Love You I Do’ by Krystal Rivvers here –