La Need Machine are an independent band with their roots heavily laid in Seattle. Influenced by a variety of genres like Indie Rock, Pop and Punk with a touch of Americana, the music project self-admittedly has a “Northwest sound and ethic”. It is led by lead guitarist Al and has romantic partners Brian and Elise as co-lead vocalists. To support communities through their work and revenue is an importation purpose for La Need Machine and they are seen supporting vital organizations like Ukraine relief, The Trevor Project and National Alliance on Mental Illness.

The instrumentation on the relatively recently formed band’s second track “These Old Jeans” has upbeat percussion with a touch of bowed strings that add dimension to the track. Inflections inspired by country music is prevalent in the lead vocalist Al’s vocal performance. The backup vocals and harmonies provided by Elise stand accurately in juxtaposition to that of the lead vocalist. The first half of the bridge mellows down only to build up to an anthemic sound. The undeniably rock track has a well-written melody that sticks with you.

Lyrically the track initially explores the journey of a pair of jeans in someone’s experience, adding sentimentality to clothing and how it goes through life with us. The chorus has the lines “I thought that I was right, turns out I was wrong” pointing towards the capacity of accepting mistakes that one eventually grows into. The second verse and bridge move on to nostalgia about the cluelessness prevalent in youth. While the track seems to go between depth and vanity in its songwriting, at times the themes felt disconnected to me. I found the line “I was looking for the light, seems they were already on” particularly moving.

La Need Machine are fresh out the gate with talent and potential, actively working towards making the world a better place. I look forward to all that they have in store for us in the future!