Late Met Dawn is a two-piece guitar-centric band composed of Fin (classical guitar and vocals) and Podge (electric guitar). The Irish-based duo combines elements of folk with classic rock and psychedelic sensibilities to render magical pools of sonic. Late Met Dawn has just released their debut single, Bunny! The duo weaves a molten fabric of electric instrumental; vibrant and vivid in its presentation, soothing and ambient in its effect. Listeners of Santana are sure to enjoy the unraveling blues of this track. 

Recorded at Beardfire Studio in Dublin, the artists examine a moment in their lives using a live sonic lens. The artist meant for the track to capture the awkwardness and awe of meeting a “Playboy Model” serendipitously at a bar. Albeit simplistic, the track is laid out in intricate rivulets of melodies. Opening with a thin concentric guitar line, it is used to craft a detailed landscape. The synthetic aftermath casts a melancholic mist that sails across the soundscape. Ghostly baritones swell within, spellbound by the red romance of the gloomy instrumental. Dimensionalized by moody tones and magnificent awe, the track shines with velvet emotion. 

This debut single is the first release of the new album which is all set to come out later this year. It is the only live studio track on the album, which will be self-titled. Check out the Link to the premiere video for Bunny :

The track is available for streaming on popular sites like Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube Music, and Amazon Music! 

You can listen to Bunny by Late Met Dawn here –