Lazy Sunsets is Gold Coast, Australian songwriter Pete Stephenson. The artist has a supreme understanding of energy, dynamism, and music and creates an interactive atmosphere that elevates all these three aspects. The artist has made quite the name with his elaborate and exceeding productions. Working with various vocal artists across the globe, Pete has discovered many dimensions of rock, power-pop, and dance. ‘You.Possibly’ is the latest release of Lazy Sunsets. It is a breakup anthem, forming on the edge of punk, pop, and a whole lot of rock. With driving beats, explosive vocals and a liberating spirit, it is just what you need to leave all that bad baggage behind.

iTunes Artwork for 'You. Possibly - Single (by Lazy Sunsets)'

The track has a lot of 90s ethos, some Avril Levigne, some Gwen Stefani. Tied in with Gen X narratives and zeal, it is a total power-pop fest. And bolstered with iconic rhythms, dance beats, it is passionate, rebellious, empowering, and a whole lot of fun. So full of youthful abandon and passion, it is just the track you need whether you’re road tripping with your girls or in a fantastic rage. Listen Now!

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