This song, Inner Child, was originally featured as a post-punk rock track in Lethia’s Natorium ‘s debut album, Tenant. With punk momentum and powerful riffs, the artist drummed up sensational energy. Voracious guitar shreds, ominous sonics, and beats made up a disillusioning wilderness that was fitting of the song’s theme. And now, we get to see the composition take on another form, as Australian musician and producer, Vinny reinvents it to suit a classic rock/pop audience.

Without the ardor of flying beats, and rushing riffs, this version has a smoother expression and expansive presence. While the ruminative basslines and raining synths create a resonant melancholic aura, most of the soundscape is designed to be commanded by the message and the vocals. It is pretty impressive how the artist is able to drastically change the form and feel of the song without altering the essence of Lethia’s version. And the seamless fusions of varied emotional and musical frames allow for a magnificent euphonic continuum.

Lethia’s Natorium is the musical moniker of artist and musician, Pena Hughes-John. Mainly a local folk and steampunk artist, she founded this solo outfit to explore her zeal for the darker expressions of music, especially genres like punk and goth rock. The artist released her first album, Tenant in October of last year which showcases profound influences from Siouxsie Sioux, Kate Bush, No Doubt, and Poly Styrene.

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