Lethia’s Natorium is a project that has a knack of delivering surprises. One should not be surprised that it does, time and again. If looks can be deceiving was not such an overused phrase, it would apply to this power act constantly. This is her latest single, Sorry No Longer Cuts It.

There might be good reason why rock sticks it to the man. It is rebellious, has a song that demands attention and respect. The versatility and instrumental polish that Lethia’s Natorium have is a reflection of this very inscription on the mantle. With this track, the softer appeal is embedded in the verse sections, whereas a crashing chorus section resonate the mirth of the lyrics. It has been executed as per the emotion, the guitars build to the outbursts. The drums intensify when the vocals do. The rhythm just waltzes with Lethia’s voice when it has to take a back seat. Executed with passion and instrumental prowess beyond bars.

I had reviewed her single a while back called Here We Go. What I didn’t expect is the track to puncture through genres like a torpedo, giving me the entertainment of the evening with relative ease. This is an act that creates music as a band, this is analogue recording by nature. This band has constantly delivered singles that are on par with any EP released to show a band’s worth. Lethia’s Natorium does the same, with impunity. We can’t wait for her next single, till then listen to her catalogue here: