Singer-songwriter and musician Pena Hughes-John leads her punk-rock project, Lethia’s Natorium with a defiant flair and you can now get a taste of it with the latest release, That’s The Way I Am.

The artist uses an eccentric and unpredictable rhythm to highlight her distinct vocal style. Reminiscent of Janis Joplin, the focused and uninhibited vocal pallet boasts an inimitable uniqueness. They unfurl with an iconic whimsy through the layer of mellow beats. 

Every element of the song brings out the essence of the artist and the song. The individualistic style and compositional patterns are a window into the artist’s mind ~ as is apparent from her powerful debut album, Tenant. Through the course of the ten songs, the artist delves into delightful musical explorations. 

A chill riff line runs through the verses. With stick clicks edging it on, the song scales the peak of 70s rock in the chorus. The grunge rock and harrowing guitar solos in the bridge and chorus transform the vibe of the song almost instantaneously. 

The defiance of and deviation from normalcy ushers in a brand of punk into the composition. Its abstract bleeds of melody and vocals are a monument of vintage rock styles and contemporary punk.

Listen to That’s The Way I Am by Lethia’s Natorium here –