Pena Hughes-John has many alter egos in music. Perhaps the most exciting and dramatic of all of them, for me personally, is Lethia’s Natorium. It shows a love for rock from this musician who just doesn’t seem to rest. She has her new single out, You Lived Here Like a Tenant. Welcome to a blues swing this time around.

Approaching the explosive and varied genre of rock from all angles is important. That is what Lethia’s Natorium does as a project. With a blesuy, country style swing, this could be perceived as Van Morrison any given day. However, Pena has a strength and character in her voice that is unique. It is commanding and steals the show, the instrumentals mildly accompanying. The verse section will be etched to the deepest parts of your psyche on account of how catchy it is. There is some nice experimentation in the sound for the second verse section. Purposely, we see the background being a minimal accompaniment. The layers flow in together, creating a tidal wave of change. The solo is a bluesy paradise, mixed perfectly to not completely distract. Another superb number from the project, that likes to push it’s boundaries.

Her album just released, called Tenant. It has a collection of driven, highly energetic songs that she has released over the year, including some fresh tracks. Her hard hitting tracks like Here We Go are a testament to her ever expanding encyclopedia of music. This project is one birthed from passion, and it continues to inspire. Listen to her single here: