Milan-based musician and guitarist, Liv Crash makes engaging rock-funk-jazz music debuting with ‘Cause Even in This Song. With his influences ranging from David Gilmore, John Petrucci, Pat Marino, Cory Wong, and Henderson, the artist explores the world using positivity and engaging irony.

Peppy riffs and meaty basslines are set to a looping rhythm that instantly has you hooked. With a big-city vibe, the song carries the energy of bustling streets, the rustic energy of old apartment buildings, and vintage artistic culture and expression. The track blends old-school rock and contemporary style and expression. It’s fluid and flexible, peppered generously with addictive funk hooks and jazzy escapades.

The artist double uses the harmonies to complement his vocal energy and to load the track with moving textures and patterns. Incredibly animated and engaging, the guitar transitions and monologues bring the song to life. And, the indifferent attitude in the vocals is just so cool. All the elements in the song from the verbose guitars, defiant vocals, background beats, acapella harmonies, and accents are delightfully askew. It flourishes into a unique frequency with its edgy transitions and deliberate rough overtones.

This stylish delivery of a devil-may-care attitude and bad reputation is a great way for the artist to show off his skill and musical sophistication.

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