Love Ghost has the essence of any band that wants to connect with people. Music has that everlasting connection of transcending barriers. This band has established a following of love, therapy, and expression. Their latest song melts out a ballad that warms your heart. This is called Angelic

Soft guitar strings welcome you to a state of contemplation. As you’re left with just the vocals and string notes, this is an acoustic number that the audience will scream along to. To become their encore soon, Angelic is as painful as it is rejuvenating. Like Linkin Park became the voice of a generation, Love Ghost are on the route to become the veins of millennials everywhere. As the song is so bare, you’re left with just the lyrical weight and the silence witnessing it all, in the background. This is a return to a live instrument setting after a lot of hip-hop and punk releases. The band is always trying to unfold parts of music that they might have not touched recently. Angelic is on the way to become one of their most memorable. 

This has undertones of Closure and King of Loneliness, creating some memorable lyrical journeys for listeners. Love Ghost have an amazing catalogue of music to explore, so make sure you subscribe and follow them for more! Listen to the masterpiece here: