Love Ghost has a melancholic sound that draws from emo-rock and soul-pop genres to form dreamy sonics. The band recreates the experience of a nostalgic heart that has been broken many times. Its histrionic lyricism and lamentous vocals puts us in a melodramatic state of mind, perfect for wallowing in shades of heartbreak red. Taken from their brand new four-track EP, Tales of a Sad Boy, Heartless is a pain stricken rendition by Love Ghost and Big Boss Mulaa. 

Love Ghost adopts a gloomy depiction of the world. And doused in bleeding blues, the band explores the fabric of mental health. With a classic emo-rock sound, their songs draw us into hazy headspaces that dramatize the world around us.

A pounding bassline contours the rhythmic beats and gives the song a deep, sturdy groove. Reminiscent of 90s rock, the vintage guitar riffs are accentuated with electronic synths and pop vocals. Its vulnerability and pain tunnels into the enclaves of a lonely heart and illuminates its darkness. Listeners of Lana Del Rey, Billie Eilish, Sam Smith, Lorde, and Halsey are sure to enjoy Love Ghost’s dark aesthetic. 

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You can listen to Heartless from the Tales Of A Sad Boy EP by Love Ghost and Big Boss Mulaa here –