Love Ghost sets a dark and formidable fire with latest single ‘Be Not Afraid’. The emo rock band outdoes themselves as they spin themes of love with toxic fear of commitment before journeying out of it. Having already proved themselves as an eclectic and innovative musicians, Love Ghost doesn’t disappoint with this soundscape either. It is a creative blend of hip-hop beats, emo-rap verses, and atmospheric prog rock. There’s contemplation, groove, and a signature intensity that you can’t help returning to. The track is part of the band’s latest EP, ‘The Speed of Dreaming’. Across a spread of four tracks, you’ll see contemporary spins of hip-hop and emo. Listen Now! 

iTunes Artwork for 'The Speed of Dreaming - EP (by Love Ghost)'

The EP features the talent of El Santi, Helian Evans, and Monde alongside the band. Each of these artists bring their own nuanced style and technique to the tracks. El Santi’s mellow and dreamy pop-rap style turns the atmosphere is ESPEJO. The punk-pop spirit of Evans is supremely and energetically mixed with a Love Ghost formula by Monde. It is edgy, new, creative, and contemporary. 

The EP is available for streaming on popular sites like Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube Music, and Amazon Music! 

You can listen to ‘The Speed of Dreaming’ by Love Ghost here –