There is a sound that is elusive, one that is found. Love Ghost has managed to find the sacred x that marks the spot. This is their new EP release, venganza del fantasma. It features 4 singles, including their hit Ghost Town that they released with Santa RM. It has already got close to 18k streams in 2 weeks. Let’s see what other tracks this EP holds.

After their explosive single as an opener, Love Ghost bring us more hip-hop & rock fusion. With Inferno, they bring Conejo for a few bars as they swirl into the depths of purgatory. Like their other songs, the songs are personal struggles and glimpses about life and direct afflictions of battle. With their steadfast approach, they make sure strength is shared amongst listeners, a beautiful form of unity. For ALI3N, Vanity Vercetti weaves into the song for a change in tone. It has a catchy chorus, and an intense build to it. As they build into the compassionate lyrics, they ensure there is energy dissipated well into the song, no lulls or dull moments. 

A beautiful guitar opening starts Pick Myself Apart. Lou Carnago adds something special to this song, an intimate dialogue of separation and heartbreak. This is the kind of experimentation and collaboration with artists that keeps Love Ghost’s sound so unique and special. Please do check out their 2022 compilation called A Place Far From Here and also their new EP here: