Luke Frees is back with his sophomore release of 2023, following Moonshine Queen. For this double single, Strings and After Noon At The RR Diner, Luke Frees dissolves Classic  Rock into cool Blues and Acoustic melancholia to deliver a heartfelt narrative. Staying true to his style, he plays the compositions up, elevating them with uncommon texture and sound juxtapositions. It is expressive, performative, and feel-good. 

The track, Strings particularly takes us back to old-school artists like The Beatles and Linkin Park. The soft rock elements form a versatile base; seamlessly blending with the orchestral sounds. It anchors the vocals with flush riffs and mesmerizing melodies. Frees progressively elevates the soundscape with stunning saxophone melodies before leading it to a lulling end. 

He transforms the slow vibe of Strings with high beats and ringing melodies in After Noon At The RR Diner. With its vintage imagery and hyperactive atmosphere, you can’t help but join in the celebration. It is light-hearted with its rock style refurbished by choral harmonies and catchy vocals. A war of drums and searing shreds take the listener to a consuming climax. 

The track is available for streaming on popular sites like Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube Music, and Amazon Music!

You can listen to Strings by Luke Frees here –