If you are in the market for a futuristic dream pop band that makes music that haunts and enchants you at the same time, Luma Fade is for you. All their tracks are envisioned as odysseys that take you from what you know to an extrapolated dystopia. So you can only imagine the concept and insight that listening to them comes with. And, it also has the vibes to back it up. These people infuse entire worlds into you, or rather you into compelling atmospheres that transform the way you think about dream pop. Listen Now!

iTunes Artwork for 'Lunar Decay (by Luma Fade)'

Luma Fade has just released their debut album, ‘Lunar Decay’. It explores common astral themes with incredible perspective. The track, ‘Passion Fall’ introduces the collection. With smoky vocals riding into rooms of distorted riffs, pseudo shoegaze allures, and luminous melodies, it is readily reminiscent of artists like Beach House, Cocteau Twins, Men I Trust, and Cigarettes After Sex. All the sonic elements blur into each other to form a continuous dream loop. You’re basically cast in a suspended plane full of aural stimuli. So close your eyes and just go into this colorful void. Maybe you’ll find yourself dancing with the stars.

The track is available for streaming on popular sites like Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube Music, and Amazon Music!

You can listen to ‘Passion Fall’ by Luma Fade here –