There is an unveiling and then there are explosive entries. Mad Painter makes the latter. Since their 2016 album, they have been calculating, creating and whittling a solid rock track. Their single is finally here, Illusion has released. Does it have all the things your favourite rock track would have? That and more.
Boston or even Europe, the commanding tone that the band used to bring, can be brought by Mad Painter. It has solid chord changes and a cinematic approach with some sensational harmonics. This track is one of the most stylish ways to beam yourself up on the map. It is brilliant, in terms of chords and vocal arrangement. Does it sound like Ritchie Blackmore’s dream band executed to the T? Yes and definitely yes. This band brings an insane jam session to life, and it’s worth looping several times. This is one band that outdoes itself. From cool compositions like Never Mind to the insanity of the newest release, this band is always reinventing itself.
If that weren’t enough, you can bet your bottom dollar on this band’s energy. The intensity and will to play are unmatched, they bring a feverish resolve to it that will shake up your mood and put you in the groove. They repurpose themselves with additions that are exciting and fresh. A sound they seek, they’re really going for. We can’t wait to hear what else they have to offer. Listen to their brilliant song here: