Mad Painter is sure to give you a taste of the past. With 70s theatrics and vintage styles, the Boston-based band rings it up with fiery sonics and relentless dynamism of rock and roll. In their new single, Rock and Roll Samurai, Mad Painter portrays the unvanquished spirit of rock with ferocious imagery and vibrant sound pallets.

Blazing with the ancient spirit of the Samurai, the track is as tumulus as a battlefield. The belligerent vocals, magnanimous melodies, and irrepressible rhythm lock into each other to manifest the immutable pride, honor, and skill of the institution of samurai. With the fearlessness of a warrior, the burgeoning rhythm rolls with burnishing textures and piercing blues.

Led by Alex Gitlin, the band comprises veterans from the Boston rock scene. With Al Hendry on drums, Kenne Highland on bass, and Al Naha on the guitar, the four-piece band has insurmountable fervor. Their brand of psychedelic rock beams with the influence of Deep Purple, Uriah Heep, and Grand Funk. With their tremendous will to play and iconic style, the band powers a time machine that will take you back fifty years to the golden age of rock!

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