With dark lyrics, a troubled past and visuals of apparitions, Madame Neptune brings the mystery to your ears. The two piece project from Germany started their endeavour this year, translating mediums. Their output is a creative hex of sorts, formulating thoughts and using the supernatural for their lyrics and themes. Their latest single is The Ghost In Me.

With vocals that pierce through the ether and create an abominable structure for a track, Madame Neptune draws the aura around with their tunes. Approaching it with the wary powers that define their tone, they layer genre and textures through the canvas of this spirit that guides them. The music is spooky, in time for Halloween. Yet, it has some great cameos from genres such as hard rock and pop. The instrumentals take up a lot of the sonic space, so the listener is allowed to meditate in it before transitioning to another part of the song.

They have released four singles to this date. An eerie method is there to their madness, yet the sound remains an original revelation from this band. To listen to them is being imbibed in a different kind of moment that has been designed by them. Madame Neptune draw their audience in with powerful premises and an enchanting tone that leaves you wanting more. Listen to their track here: