Mansheen is a classic, solo British rock banner that explores the sound of 90s music with a modern lilt. It is the brainchild of Stan from London, who writes and performs all the music. ‘The Sum of All Experience’ is a special single, one that is sheathed in influences spanning all across the 20th century. Opening with a remarkably indie frame, it progressively gains an eclectic rock personality. You’ll see references to the psychedelic rock of the 60s and 70s and the grunge of late 80s, all drenched in the pixelated daze of shoegaze.

Mansheen – The Sum Of All Experience – THOUGHTS WORDS ACTION

With the convoluted riff design of Pink Floyd and Led Zeppelin dipped in the ubiquitous surreality of Nirvana’s alt rock/ punk grunge and R.E.M, the listening experience is timeless, full of everything : past and the present. And colored with psychedelic patterns and imprints, the soundscape itself conceptualizes the titular theme. The burgeon of texture, sizzling vibrations, and expanding horizons shape and reshape the sonic equation consistently. Listen Now!

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