Aerospace and Astronautical Engineer cum singer-songwriter and rock artist Mark Winters brings the poetry of stars to his music. The artist’s work is majorly inspired by the majesty of love and the magnanimity of life which he uses as a way of connecting with people. Copper Queen is Mark Winters’ sophomore release in which he serenades the woman of his dreams with a bounty of melodies and a beautiful bouquet of words.

The marvel of Mark Winters is contained in his endearing connections and passionate narrations. In this track, the artist draws inspiration from the bleeding hues of hair and wonderfully connects them to deeper themes like love, adoration, and affection to form a canvas of beauty. Opening with acoustical melodies and bright vocals, the track sails gracefully across the golden ocean of soul rock. However, along the shore, the artist uses country guitar styles, their simplicity, and signature nostalgia to carve out a great emotional depth.

For Mark Winters, songwriting and performing are his love language. And it ostensibly blooms out of every one of his releases. His musical journey began when he played a song for his wife on their anniversary and the rest was history. He released his debut single, Be There, in 2019 and has since nine singles and two albums. Listeners of The Beach Boys, Elton John, John Mayer, and Tom Petty are sure to enjoy the dulcet melodies and mellifluent vocals of Mark Winters.

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