Matthew Aucoin is an artist who released his first studio album called “Into The Past” and has been putting out music ever since. Matthew is a 26-year-old musician from Houston TX who is so versatile that you will listen to bits of indie, pop/rock, alternative, country, singer/songwriter, Americana, etc in his music. He has a vivid discography that packs some really powerful tracks that will surely touch your heart! I was really thrilled to discover such an amazing talent with such vivid discography. Do give this artist a go, trust me, it will surely be worth it.

I discovered this flavourful artist via his latest release which is named ‘Brilliant Disguise’. It is one of the best tracks I’ve stumbled upon this week and surely one hell of a track. The track projects some amazing guitars blended with heavy drums that are impactful. The vocals are deep and heartfelt and blend beautifully with the melodies. The track had me banging my head throughout the guitar riff which is soo good that you will feel like you are in a whole different dimension. The lyrics are soulful and written with beauty. The emotions that are embedded into the track make it so much better!  This is surely an amazing track with some great vocals and ecstatic instrumentation that will paint a vivid picture with mere words and music. Overall, this is a must-listen for all hopeless romantics like us. Give it a spin. You can catch a little glimpse of the track, ‘Brilliant Disguise’ by Matthew Aucoin down here-