Meat In Space cultivates the flamboyance of rock in his debut single, Chromium Dioxide. True to its title, it has a dark and synthetic intensity that grinds into the brain with sonic dissonance. And with intricate riff construction, crackling basslines, and apathetic vocals, the track is profoundly complex despite its seeming simplicity. 

The track is overtly loaded with texture. Geared with power, it sizzles against a backdrop of rolling riffs. It is laden with harrowing despondence that blossoms out of the resigned emotion in the vocals. Amplified only by the constant grunge of the rhythmic motifs. Haunted by the bleak sensibilities of the theme, the gloomy soundscape is inconspicuously washed with acidic properties. It makes the listening experience more visceral and immersive. 

The artist took on the moniker of Meat In Space to further explore his ideas of the rock genre. Discovering an innate vocation in the style, he dimensionalizes it with sci-fi sensibilities. His work is a classic example of vintage representation of futuristic concepts. Written, performed, and produced by the artist himself, the track headlines the beginning of a divergent-rock showcase. 

The track is available for streaming on Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube Music, and Amazon Music! 

You can listen to Chromium Dioxide by Meat In Space here –