Memoria D’Elefante is a Portuguese alternative electronic and rock artist with a debut release titled, Guerra a 2. Like the title, his style is nothing like anything commonplace. It is experimental and progressive, infused with refreshing modernity and epiphanic darkness. It is a remarkable combination of electronica, metal, and rock that reveals a post-modern sphere. Opening with a hypnotic rhythm, it is layered with hard-hitting beats and percussive accessories. In the chorus, there’s a powerful rock evocation with electric and bare guitar riffs. And with that, it goes back and forth, never losing its edge or compromising rhythmic integrity.

The track introduces the artist’s style – hardcore and idealistic as he achieves perfection at every turn. You can decipher his artistic vision from the succinct sonic blocks. Each arc portrays unique correlations between the genres, posed to reflect his experiences and emotions across 50 years of life. And these sonic fusions are almost like a language, ridged and textured with emotional coefficients to make up for the lack of lyrics. Listen Now!

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