Mertens Folly is a three-piece rock band from New Jersey. Their eclectic style combines the authenticity of indie music with the will of rock. Drawing from its diverse flavors, the track takes on punk outfits, fashioning a melodic rock essence in contour. The band released its debut album, I Just Wanna Learn A Lullaby in October 2022. With 12 tracks, it is a full LP sporting a combination of sharp arrangements, sticky hooks and a wide range of energy levels. The sophomore track, Bright Red Lipstick, perfectly captures Mertens Folly ’s vision for the album. 

With a dominant emo grunge style leading the track, the band pairs it with a peppy arena rock energy. Its engaging rhythm is built with soaring riffs and flying beats. The tense basslines streams on the down low, its sizzling electricity powering the whole song. 

Mertens Folly is Thomas, Kevin, and John. Each of them bring their own musicality and experience to the table. Together, they have written and recorded an album that chronicles Life’s joy, misery, heartbreak, and love. 

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The album is available for streaming on Amazon Music, YouTube Music, Apple Music, and Spotify! 

You can listen to Bright Red Lipstick from I Just Wanna Learn A Lullaby album by Mertens Folly here –