Mick J Clark brings out his jangle pop-rock brilliance to the upcoming festivities. The English singer-songwriter and retro artist has an effortless way of connecting with his audience. With feel-good beats, memorable hooks, and jolly vocals, his songwriting and performance is classic and timeless. In his release, ‘It’s Christmas Party Time’ the artist brings an instantaneous Christmas cheer and a sense of community to his listeners. It would be the perfect addition to any and all Christmas playlists that you’re making for the holiday season. Listen Now!

It's Christmas Party Time - song and lyrics by Mick J Clark | Spotify

The track opens with jolly beats and sounds of cheerful people having a ball. Against this backdrop, his smooth baritones sail through like a Christmas breeze. And with its warmth and joy, it brings the Christmas spirit with it. Resonant chimes of jingle bells ring out that further enhances the festive atmosphere. And as you listen to the track, your mind automatically fills with frames of Christmas lights, trees, family, food, and friends. The most wonderful time of the year gets even better with Mick J Clark in it.

The track is available for streaming on popular sites like Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube Music, and Amazon Music!

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