Mick J. Clark is a bright orb of light and his music is the silver lining of life. His innate ability to spread love and cheer is resonant in his music and more so in his new release, Me My Body and I. The song compels a positive narrative about body and vanity with its feel-good pop-rock melodies. His simple lyrics delight in their universal truths as they are delivered with a carefree allure.

The soundscape has a voracious presence. With expressive streams of rock guitar melodies drummed up by vibrant beats, the song adorns the body with respect, kindness, and love. Its unapologetic message of self-love has a folksy humility and empathy to it.

It is not ignorant or imposing, but a naturalistic exposition of thinking, living, and loving. And its inevitable force and irrepressible celebration in the lyrics is not something you can overlook. It floats into you with the smooth vocals and revolutionizes the way you feel about yourself. So respect the way that you’ve been made and make your life a street parade. 

It is astounding to see how this artist is able to consistently put on a lively spin on human affairs that affect all of us. His optimistic disposition and pleasant euphonies are on their way to becoming a musical staple in every household.

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