Come unravel the mystique of moonlight with this track, Every Drop of Moonlight by Mighty Brother. Taken from their newest album, Azimuth, the song is a warm flood of emotion. The New Orleans-based band revels in creating soundscapes that distinctly stand apart. Its blend of art-rock, jazz, funk, and Americana/folk forms a soul sound that is unlike any other.

This track is a poetic exposition of stellar nostalgia. Three tiers of sound open the song. As the earthy sound of folk beats sets the rhythm, a constellation of guitar melodies forms a wonderful art deco. And the ruminative baritones effervesce like moonbeams, smoking with entrancing harmonies. It’s as if we are in a world swirling with magical strangeness. Like a sense of deja vu. Every line of melody adds to the brewing outlandish mist. The warm mid-track saxophone flush is an enigmatic rise. It swells with a jazzy bliss detailing the quaintness of the stars and the history of the sky.

The band debuted in 2015 with their album Jettison. Reprise. The 16-song album builds a fantastic musical dome with alluring artifacts that you can’t get enough of. In 2020, we saw a double-album release, The Owl and The Rabbit which showcases the unique and introspective musical appeals of the band.

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