Mike Masser is out to prove to anyone who loves music that they should chase it. A talented songwriter who has played in many bands, the guitar is a part of his limbic existence. His single we listen to today is from his 2021 album, True Grit. This one is called The Phoenix. 

The legend of the phoenix is something that continues to inspire for millenia. On the throes of death, the bird returns from its own ashes, stronger and mightier than ever. Mike Masser has a similar metaphor for his life. This is why the melody, the lyrics and parts of the song come together like an epiphany. It becomes all the more personal, clear and relevant once you know his life story. Mastering his tones, the song has some impressive percussion and guitar work. It sounds like thrash metal renaissance, and Mike isn’t holding back for even a second. The riff will become another addiction, for more reasons than one. It is an admission of power, the thrill of returning to the big stage, all guns blazing. Produced better than some of the “box office metal” nowadays, Mike Masser makes his sound and message understood loud and clear. 

His album True Grit and 2019 album One More Shot needs to be heard to be understood. The musician has gone to great lengths to create a persona that you will remember, just by the notes you hear. You can listen to this killer single here with us!